The Sea Company

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The children have been busy using clay to make reproductions of salvaged objects. I asked them to take their places at their restoration tables and to show me how they are going about the restoration of their object. I was amazed how long they were able to sustain this role play as I walked round the room questioning them about what they were doing. We then gathered back together and I explained that we need to fill in a salvage report form for each restored object for our company records. (We have a proper metal filing cabinet where company records are stored). I asked two children to work in role while I asked them questions from the report form: they had to photograph the object, describe it, suggest the restoration needed, equipment needed and then photograph it again after the restoration. The two children chosen were dreams and gave the most imaginative responses and detail about their work. After this, everyone went off to ‘restore’ their object and fill in the report form. The engagement in writing tasks such as this has gradually deepened as the work has progressed through the weeks and I have been impressed by the imagination and quality of the writing. As I have noticed in previous mantles, the boys are very willing and motivated to write in these purposeful contexts.


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