The Sea Company

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have been lucky enough to work as part of a DFES Innovations project group under the guidance of Luke Abbot, Brian Edmiston and Tim Taylor so have had some excellent training in how to use MoE. I have been using Mantle extensively with my Year class over the last1 _ years and have run a mini-beast rescue team, an Animal Sanctuary and a company of architects on a commission in Africa. I have a TLR post to develop the use of MoE across the school and have taught demonstration lessons with classes from Year R to Year 5.Our school is also part of a PLN who’s focus is using MoE, particularly to develop boys’ writing. I work closely with a colleague in school who is also using MoE extensively and together we have run workshops at a series of MoE conferences.I am currently working with a Year 2 class of 30 – approx 2/3 are boys. I have 11 children on IEPs, including one child with ADHD and 8 children from ethnic minorities. We have set ourselves up as ‘The Sea Company’, a shipwreck salvage company who will accept commissions from all over the world! We hope to keep this Mantle going all year. We use most afternoons to do the work and as much morning time as we need, especially during the English lesson.


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