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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Museum Visit

Unfortunately I was not able to go to the Museum with the children as I was running an MoE workshop elsewhere. A colleague who is experienced in using MoE took my place and fed back on the fabulous morning the children spent in role as restorers. The museum staff took on their role admirably and looked at our company portfolio and information books about The Titanic - they were suitably impressed.

In the week building up to the visit we had started to discuss materials on the Titanic and had been looking at underwater video footage from expeditions down to the wreck to see how these materials had fared after 75 years at the bottom of the Atlantic. We had also been looking at photographs of restored objects from the Titanic and noting their condition. The children wanted to set up their own investigation looking at how different materials fare over time on salt water so we now have a tub ful of salt water and a range of artefacts which is eagerly examined each day.

The workshop at the museum fitted beautifully in with this as the restorers were presented with a range of genuine artefacts which might or might not have come from Edwardian times. they had to write salvage reports on each artefact, including predictions about how these would survive in sea water. The children were really enthusiastic about the visit and are now waiting to hear whether the museum are going to commission us to dive down to the Titanic. They think they were pretty impressed by our work, but, modestly, reckon we have a 50/50 chance of being chosen for the job. We'll see!!


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